A double post for Nick.

For my creative, mermaid-loving friend Nick I tried to find the cheesiest postcards ever. He gets two days in a row (yesterdays post being combined with todays).

I’m glad I have friends to appreciate cheesiness with, friends to laugh with until my stomach hurts. Thanks Nick, for being  you, always and forever.



I bought a coil of stamps. I bet you didn’t know they sold those! Check it:

There are a hundred stamps here. That’s not even counting all my postcard stamps. And each of those little stickers is a ticket to take an envelope somewhere around the country.

Also, I’m thankful we don’t have to lick stamps anymore. It makes me feel old to say that, but I remember when we had to lick stamps and they tasted awful. I would gag and pretend to puke and just make a general fuss. I’m really not upset about the sticker kind.

Today I wrote to Jill. Jill is one of the brightest, most joyful people I know. I lived in the same house as her my senior year. I think that God may have put health troubles in my life to take a semester off at just the right time so that I would have the chance to meet Jill. I can’t imagine student teaching without her, working on lesson plans and dancing ridiculously to the Jonas Brothers and watching the Disney Channel every Sunday night. Jill is just good people. She is passionate and intelligent and wants to make a difference in the world, one kid at a time. We need more people like her.


I didn’t post. But I did write, I swear!

I caught the stomach flu on a field trip with my second graders that left me kind of a mess. So I came home and washed my hands and wrote a postcard to Lisa. I was lucky enough to be a part of Lisa’s wedding last summer as a bridesmaid and it was beautiful. She was married outside under a tent and I cried (of course I cried) and I’ve been impressed with Lisa’s dedication since then to making her marriage something really special. She writes a blog about her marriage; sometimes thoughts, sometimes challenges to herself, and I’ve been fascinated by her honesty. I think honesty is key to any relationship, but to be honest in front of all of your family and friends and the internet is something on another level.

I may have failed a little bit and dripped Pedialyte on her postcard, making the ink run, but hey, character right?

Today I wrote to Susie. I love Susie for her contagious laugh and crazy-loud singing voice. I love Susie for her passion for Broadway and for the fact that she introduced me to Buffalo Wild Wings. She is someone who will watch movie marathons and bake cookies with me, and she is my number one Euchre partner. Susie is a crazy person in the best possible way and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

We both work in schools so I haven’t seen her since… January? Which is far too long for any good friendship. I would like to see her soon, and go grab a burger and catch up on life. I want to share stories about the crazy things that kids do and say. I want to see my friend.


are interesting.

Some have witty comments or interesting quotes or strange facts. Some say, “I was in New York/Chicago/Seattle!” Some are art.

This postcard is to Betsy, an artist.

I like the name Betsy. It’s unique. I don’t know many Betsys.

Mail helps you discover a new world and share it with the people you love.  Postcards give me an excuse to look at art. Taking pictures of postcards give me an excuse to show off my killer tie dye.


Sometimes I feel stationary. Stuck in a rut. Immovable.

I feel like I’m going through the motions in life but just floating along.

I need a haircut. My bangs get in my eyes and make me tear up. My coffee gave my heartburn this morning. My grandma is sick. A multitude of things.

But I also have stationary.

Happy stationary that gives me a direct link to the people I love. I know that this letter will be passed from me to the mailman to Katie, through people’s hands. Katie will be able to hold my words and my handwriting and my love to her. And suddenly stationary helps me leap great distances.

When days are hard, I have this. This tangible connection of words and thoughts. This ink on a page. This stationary girl turning stationary into connection.

I like

fun facts about people’s weirdness.

I like to know that even the most sane people, the people who we all look up to and aspire to be, are really really strange. It either makes me feel better about my weirdness or like I need to step it up a notch.

I like that the postcard stamps are Hawaiian shirts and that they make me smile.

I like that there are people in the world who light up the room just by being alive. They have that ability to make others smile and want to be better and be happy with who they are all at once. I have had the blessing to know a few people like that, and that’s who I wrote to today. This is a person that I’ve only known for a few months but who I hope to know for years to come.



we just need compliments.

Why are those so hard to give? And so hard to receive gracefully? I think it’s because they are so rare. They are so unexpected and so appreciated that it makes us physically uncomfortable.

Go compliment someone, RIGHT NOW.

I find myself

writing letters at night, at the end of my day, when it’s quiet and I’ve had time to process things.

I am what you would call a busy person, and this letter writing project has forced me to carve out a few minutes of my day to think and reflect and be thankful.

Today I am thankful for long friendships and small acts of kindness.

Boys of all ages need to learn that flowers are always appreciated.

After a few years, friendship is more like family, except moreso. You can’t choose who you are related to, but if you are making the choice to stick by someone for years and years, well, that’s about as true as you can be. Good long friendships are one of life’s greatest gifts and they are precious.

So today Tiffany, this flower is for you too 🙂

I’m not sure

that this is really a number?

The coolest girl in the history of the world GOT A JOB. Rock and roll, Katie dear. I love when good things happen to people who deserve it. And nobody deserves good things more.

So here’s to the girl who is worth staying up all night unknotting a ball of yarn. Here’s my postcard advice to you on this most wonderful of days. I’m not (knot?) sure how it applies, but I like it anyway 🙂


wasn’t a splendid day. Life is stressful sometimes, throwing money issues and sick family members and every other worry all at once. I spend a lot of time thinking about me. How will I pay for this? How will I have this conversation? What are people thinking about me?

In the mail today I received a wedding invitation! It’s gorgeous and cute and made me grin. It reminds me to be happy. That life is short and I should get over myself.

In that spirit, I wrote to Gwen, a girl I met through church. When I first started coming to this ministry, I had a hard time meeting people. Gwen’s warm welcome made the difference for me and gave me hope- she kept me coming back. I am so blessed to meet people like her, people who are willing to share their stories and who are just plain inspiring. Even on days where I’m scattered and “at sixes and sevens,” I am reminded that life isn’t about me. It’s about all of us. And people like Gwen prove that a kind word can change someone’s world.