Thank yous

2012-12-28 11.03.14

Today I wrote 17 thank you postcards to my students. I thanked them for their hard work and dedication, for gifts and notes, for the incredible joy they bring into the classroom every day.

Thank yous are quick to write when you mean it. It’s easy to thank kids for the love that they share and life they bring into the world.



Today, it finally snowed.

I went on an emergency trip to Target amid giant, wet snowflakes that spatted over the windshield of my car to buy stationary.

When my mom showed me these super strange cards, I had to have them. They are fabulous and weird and I love them, and they should first be sent to one person.

This letter is to Betsy, who always manages to bring the best out of me and who appreciates weirdness and quirks. I love having interesting people in my life, and Betsy is no exception.

2012-12-20 19.43.54


Tis the season for Christmas cards!

The other day I got a card from an old friend. It’s been years since I’ve seen her, but she included such a heartfelt letter and note that it made me tear up.

There are so many people in the world worth knowing. I am incapable of processing that thought, or of remembering every moment worth remembering, or in listing names of people who are loved. The world is so vast and huge and incomprehensible.

This letter is to Kelsey, who caused me to remember the goodness of people and small moments.

2012-12-19 20.37.57


While student teaching, Jill and I used to come home from rough days and turn on this video and dance ridiculously around the kitchen.

I miss her wisdom and her humor and her fun and her willingness to be silly.

I wish there was an easy way in the world to see people from North Carolina any time you want to, but I’ll settle for a Christmas card.

2012-12-19 20.37.47

Law school

sounds like the scariest, least-attractive school possibility in the world to me.

Marissa is taking that challenge head-on and loves it. I have the utmost respect for her and her love of the fight and her enthusiasm about the process and Law and Order. I love that she watches tv shows with as much passion as I do and can quote Bones episodes verbatim.

She takes no crap from people but has a soft heart. She shows no fear and watches chick flicks. She’s the closest person I know to embodying the idea of that Meet Virginia song by Train.

2012-12-19 20.37.23
To Marissa.


Generally speaking, I’m not into girly things. Glitter just makes a mess, pink is my least favorite color, etc.

Karin sent me a Christmas card this year that is so unabashedly glittery that I instantly loved it. I think people should choose things they like no matter what. I think people should represent themselves with glitter if it speaks to them. The glitter trail on my hands and tables reminds me of the awesomeness of Karin.

2012-12-19 20.36.53

A year

Less than a year ago I met my friend Caleigh.

So much changes in a year. I have had my share of awfulness surrounding my life this year, but so many blessings as well. I’ve enjoyed new friendships and a fulfilling job and health and precious time with my grandma that I wouldn’t ever trade.

One of the best of those things is this miraculous friendship with Caleigh. I am thankful to have her in my life and look forward to many many years of friendship to come.

2012-12-19 20.36.33

Dropped calls

Trapped in a grocery store today made my phone drop a call at least 6 times. This was a phone call full of a good story and trying to figure out what to do next and just that good freak out you can enjoy when talking over something with your girlfriend. That conversation where your voice gets all high-pitched and you yell in frustration and laugh at the same time.

What a terrible time to drop a call!

So a letter to Tiffany, who showed great patience in hitting that redial button over and over again, as a thank you for some of those conversations that give life to my world.

2012-12-19 20.36.19


Hello, everyone.

I’ve been MIA. I’ve been overwhelmed with my life and busy and tired and haven’t felt well lately. This season has also been an emotional one for me. My grandma loved Christmas more than anyone I know and I’m missing her fiercely right now. Every time I see Christmas lights I remember her and her ability to keep a child-like wonder until she was eighty years old. I want to do Christmas right this year to respect her memory.

I wrote Christmas cards today. I wrote and wrote to make up for all the days that I didn’t post or write and then some. I wrote to express thanks to people who have poured love into me this year and I wrote to pour love into others. I wrote to keep in touch and to say hi to people I see consistently and I wrote to help remember my grandma.

2012-12-13 19.10.09

Here’s the stack of envelopes. Twenty -five of them.

2012-12-13 19.09.55

To Amy and Garrett, Kara, Scott, Tami. To Nick, Susie, Corey, Kelsey, and Danielle. To Betsy and Alyssa and Katie and Bryan and another Alyssa. To Tiffany, Esten, Katie, Jen, and Tom and Lois. To Darryce, Caroline, Gianna, Jane, Ellie, Caleigh, and Jenna.

Merry Christmas. I ran out of stamps.