I am always jealous of other people’s stories of getting into trouble. I sometimes feel that my goody-goody tendencies have stopped me from grabbing life and taking risks and making necessary mistakes. Because of that I love to live vicariously through people’s stories.

Betsy appreciates stories too. Being a listener validates the storyteller. And as I’ve heard some pretty wonderful stories lately, Betsy has been there as a listener and a sharer. She helps me by sharing her wisdom and grace and I am so thankful for all that she does.

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Housewarmings are pretty incredible.

Moving is tough. You take everything you own (which is always too much and not enough at the same time) and move it into an empty shell of a place. Then you spend a few days being paranoid about the people who lived there before you and suddenly you realize it’s starting to be home when you don’t want to wear flip-flops in the shower anymore.

I’m pumped to be invited to a housewarming coming up, to celebrate that transition from new place to a home. Such a transformation happens and it deserves a major party.

To Scott.

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Bobbing for apples

I met someone who has a story about bobbing for apples.

She has stories about cockroaches and teaching and everything in between. She loves people and builds them up. She laughs like crazy and is willing to try anything.

A postcard to a different Amy. I’m glad to have met her.

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Green Lantern

It’s rare that I find someone that can dish out trash talk as quickly as I can. I like having this new friendship in my life, even if it is filled with exchanges that drive me insane. I’m thankful for people who don’t let me walk all over them, and who call me on my moments of insanity. I’m thankful for friends who “speak truth into my life” and for friends who are just plain fun.

A postcard to a new friend!

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Hedgehogs and Wisdom teeth

I’m not sure why wisdom teeth have that name. But I do know that the experience of getting them removed sucked royally. Amy has it way worse than I did.
Wisdom is something that comes from experience. It comes from listening and dreaming and praying and observing and learning. Wisdom comes from pain and disappointment and success and joy.

I’m glad that Amy has a life filled with joy which (hopefully) overshadows the suckage. Here’s a letter to her, her husband, and their pet hedgehog.

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Snow Day!

I am so blessed to have a snow day today. SO BLESSED. It was so needed.

I spent today making epic grilled cheese sandwiches and shoveling until my arms are sore. We don’t even have that much snow- I’m just not a very good shoveler.

This postcard is to Caleigh, who was cursed with no snow day. I wish she was able to have a day off too, but wish her an excellent day regardless. Life is good with or without a snow day. And snow makes everything more beautiful.

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Betsy is an artist.

She had a minimalist art show last weekend where some of her sculptures were featured. I think that is incredible.

Art also comes in the form of stories.

We are sharing stories with each other and learning how to take our negative moments in life to see positively. I can’t imagine someone better to think through these things with.

A Wonder Woman postcard to Betsy.

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