Our family seems to get waves of hardships all at once.

Josh is finally on the right track, but last weekend we said goodbye to our dog.


I really can’t even write about it here. Dogs are a part of your family, and you learn their personalities and quirks the same way you learn those of people, and when they are gone they leave a hole in your heart and in your house. It’s too quiet around here now, and empty, and we are incredibly sad.

While this is heartbreaking, things aren’t all awful. We seem to be through the worst of it and all on the road to recovery.

As much as I love winter and snow, the fluffiest kind that muffles everything, these grey days are taking their toll. Everything is the same color and frozen solid and even my car is rebelling. The “cold days” off school just make me cooped up and crazy. I’m ready to do something, complete something, check something off a list, go on an adventure, try something new.

Today I started mailing out mix tapes to friends across the country. While the cold is numbing and this winter seems to have lasted far too long, packages in the mail help me feel connected.

Change is coming again in my life I think, but I need to solidify things before I can post more about it.

Sending you warm hugs and well wishes.