This has been a week of falling back into the routine of surrounding myself with things that I love.


I love that there are people in the world that can make a weekend look like this. I love that life can be filled with these little, gorgeous moments that shine when you look back on things.

2014-04-12 10.31.04

The weather (which influences mood so much more than I realize) has stumbled into being warm, with breezes that smell like wet dirt and spring. Music now needs to stop being melancholy and start being bright, and mix tapes are being passed around to share the wealth.

2014-04-11 15.14.26

Letters are finally being written again. I don’t understand how easy it is for me to forget how much I love these, and how easy it is for me to replace this habit with other less fulfilling ones, and I don’t understand why things that are good for me are hard to remember to do at all.

We get off track without even realizing it, and life begins to feel itchy and ill-fitting. I’m thankful for people who help me feel grounded and make me do more, for routines that keep me feeling like me, and for the incredible blessing of spring that makes everything seem a little brighter.



People are funny things.

It’s technically spring now, but it’s grey and foggy and sharp, like the weather is deciding if it wants to slip into snow at any moment, and while this could be moody and oppressive, there are some really amazing people around me that make everything feel sunny.

As I get older, I understand more and more that the circumstances of life are not always in my control, but the people I choose to surround myself with are. I am learning to find people that smile as a rule instead of an exception, who intentionally encourage and bring joy to others, who see people as they are and celebrate them.

Today I want to celebrate a friend who is pretty spectacular. It was her birthday a couple of days ago, and every time I run into her, her presence lights up the room. She is kind, in the most genuine way, and encouraging, and refuses to let people be unseen. She makes me think of laughter and joy, and is one of the few people I am willing to show my vulnerabilities to. So to Bri, I’m thinking of you today, and I’m thankful for you, and you are one of the people in the world that makes gloomy days feel like spring.