School finally starts again next week. Tomorrow I’ll be going in to set up classrooms and see coworkers and in just a matter of days routine begins again.

I am SO EXCITED. Summer is great, but I am bored, and I’m missing my kids and full days.

These last few months have been an incredible blessing. I had a chance to spend time with old friends and meet new ones. The days have been cool enough to mostly leave windows open and get constant fresh air. And the summer began with a retreat with my newly eighth-grade girls, kicking off our last year together in a pretty epic way.

2014-06-21 17.21.26

I had Friday ice cream dates with my grandpa, who has taught me from a young age the value of good dessert.

2014-08-08 15.41.09

I went on a mission trip with the greatest students who taught me about loving well.

2014-07-16 13.39.09

I took three classes and taught summer school and read some beautiful books on the deck with this face.

2014-07-24 15.23.41

There were walks outside bonding with my brother and going to a lake house and learning to slowly appreciate nature (a little bit).

Summer was lovely, and fall is coming which I love even better. Hope the end of your season is filled with light and life, and that you grab on to every moment.